Privacy Policy

Data in ReadKit

Your privacy is very important for me. I do not store or process your data on my server.

3rd-party service providers

ReadKit may interact with 3rd-party service providers (depending on your configuration) to synchronize subscriptions and articles. This interactions are the subject to the privacy policy of the configured 3rd-party services:

Self hosted services (Fever, FreshRSS, Tiny Tiny RSS and Wallabag) are running on a server that is under your control.

Passwords are stored on your device in a secure way by the KeyChain.

App Store

Because ReadKit is distributed through the App Store and runs on iOS, iPadOS and macOS, use of ReadKit is also subject to Apple's Privacy Policy. This policy does not address any data that Apple may collect – which may include but not be limited to – usage statistics and crash reports.

E-mail exchange

If you contact with me via email, your email address is saved within my support mailbox and will be used only for answering your questions and will not be shared with other companies or services. My email is hosted on Gmail and subject to Google's Privacy Policy.

Crash reports

ReadKit for macOS collects crash reports on App Center. These crash reports doesn't contain any sensitive or personal information. App Center is hosted by Microsoft and subject to Microsoft's Privacy Policy.

Beta testing

ReadKit is distributed throught Test Flight and App Center to its beta testers. When I invite a user (only with his or her approval) into the beta test program, I have to provide the user's name and email address to the beta service provider. That process is subject to the TestFlight Terms of Service and Microsoft's Privacy Policy.

Contact information

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Latest update: May 5, 2022