Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes, the previous version of ReadKit has been removed from the AppStore, but existing customers can still download it from "Account" -> "Purchased" in the AppStore on both iOS and macOS.

Yes, ReadKit can sync subscriptions, articles and read statuses between platforms if you use one of the supported feed aggregators or read-later services: The built-in RSS service is an offline reader without syncing abilities, but will support iCloud sync in an upcoming version.

Yes, ReadKit has a built-in RSS engine which supports syncing of RSS, Atom and JSON feed subscriptions.

First of all, you should have a news reader account in ReadKit. It can be any of the supported news reader aggregators or the built-in RSS service. Then, you can add subscriptions by tapping the + button on the bottom left on the sidebar / folder list on iOS or by selecting "File" menu's "Add subscription..." on macOS.

The macOS version of ReadKit also has a Safari Extension, that can recognize the embedded feed of visited pages. You can select between the recognized channels and subscribe them in ReadKit by pressing the toolbar button. The "Subscribe in ReadKit" Safari Extension can be enabled in the "Extensions" preferences of Safari.

You can save RSS entries into read-later services by pressing the bookmark toolbar icon or selecting "Read Later..." from the context menu of entry list. It is also possible to save articles from other applications (such as from browsers) for reading later with the "Read Later in ReadKit" share extension, which is accessible through the share menu of other apps.

Select the "Mail Article" option under the share toolbar item or from the "Item" menu on macOS.

Some feeds doesn't include the full content of the posts, just a summary. ReadKit has built-in reader mode, which can extract the content of the original article. The content parser doesn't communicate with any external text parsing service, it extract the content directly from the original page, and protects your privacy. Reader mode can be turned on by the "Show reader mode" (article) toolbar button on individual articles, or it can be turned on automatically on a feed subscription by enabling "Use reader mode by default" option of feed settings. Feed settings are reachable through the "Manage..." option of context menu.

On iOS: Accounts added to the previous version of ReadKit will automatically appear in ReadKit 3.

On macOS: If you have used any 3rd party news reader or read later service in the macOS version of ReadKit, you can add the same accounts to ReadKit 3, and they will be synced automatically. If you have used the Built-in RSS service, you should export your subscriptions with "File" -> "Export OPML...", then you can import your subscriptions with "File" -> "Add subscription" -> "Import from OPML..." in ReadKit 3. Please note that importing OPML in ReadKit 3 is a Premium feature.

ReadKit Premium

The core functionality of ReadKit 3 is available for free, completely free — no ads, no data mining. If you love ReadKit and want to unlock additional features, including reader mode, multiple account support, image caching, etc. you can do so through by subscribing to ReadKit Premium. It unlocks all premium features and remove all restrictions, and it will be a monthly/annual or a one-time lifetime subscription.

  • Universal purchase: all premium features are available on both iOS and macOS with a single purchase.
  • Multiple accounts: use it with two or more accounts at the same time. Allows you to save articles from RSS feeds to read-later accounts.
  • Unlimited feeds: unlocks the limit of 20 feed for the built-in RSS service.
  • Manage folders and tags: allows to organize feeds and read-later articles into folders or tags.
  • Reader mode: displays the full text of article, even if it's not included in the feed source.
  • Image cache: caches images from articles for offline reading.
  • Themes and app icons: unlocks all themes and allows you to select a custom application icon.
  • Import and export OPML: import and export of feed subscriptions via OPML.
  • Upcoming new features: access to all upcoming premium features.
  • Support the development: your purchase supports the continued development of ReadKit.