ReadKit 3.0

May 5, 2022

NEW IN READKIT 3 (iOS and macOS):

  • Universal app: same features and same services are supported on iOS and macOS.
  • Brand new macOS application with new design and improved functionality.
  • Share extension that save articles from Safari and other application for later reading.
  • Improved focus-based navigation with left/right arrow keys.
  • New themes and improved theme selection.
  • Added “Increased contrast” option to reading preferences.
  • Improvements on detecting and fetching feeds of YouTube channels and playlists.
  • Improved representation of unread items and added “Dim read items” preference to Appearance settings.
  • Improved favicon and thumbnail detection.
  • Improved Reader mode performance and content detection.
  • Various UI improvements on rendering articles.
  • Tons of enhancements and fixes.